Productivitiy Tools

You can find the productivity tools/applications that I use everyday.

👨🏼‍💻 Mac

iTerm2 / Free /

The macOS terminal is good, but not enough for customizations. So like everyone else I am using iTerm2. Recently, I got rid off many tools so I am primarily using my terminal for everything.

Cron / Free /

I attend 5+ online meetings and manage two calendars every day. Cron is the perfect solution for combining everything in a beautiful UI and UX. It also has a fantastic menubar add-on to show your upcoming meetings. I hope in the near future they will develop an iOS application to complete the experience.

Raycast / Free /

Spotlight is one of the main features I like on macOS, and Raycast is a great tool for enhancing the Spotlight experience! Although I am using only the 20% of the application, it feels super productive.

CleanShot X / Paid /

The average tech people take 10 screenshots per day in average. Native macOS screenshot feature is good, but you should try CleanShot X, it is a super app that you screenshot, annotate on the screenshot and record a short video of your screen.

BetterTouchTool / Paid /

I started to tweak my Macs back in 2009 and BettrTouchTool is one of the applications that I used continuously since then. Thanks to lots of customization that I make over the years, I struggle to use somebody else's Mac 😅

Paw / Paid /

I know everyone loves Postman, and it is kind of industry standard now. But I am actively using Paw for 3 years for API testing, and it never let me down, It has all the important features that I use plus it comes with a very intiutive UI.

Setapp / Paid /

I am using Setup since they launched their product, you can get most of the applications listed above by getting a Setapp membership.

Figma / Free /

No introductions needed.

Brave Browser / Free /

The browser is the most used application in every computer. Brave is Chromium based, so you can use all Chrome features. But it is lightweight and privacy preserving, unlike Chrome. Also, it is great for web3 people.